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The Faculty of Biology and Geology is one of the best known and highly praised faculties in this domain in Romania. Currently there are around 1,000 students enrolled in (undergraduate) specialisations in Biology, Biochemistry, Industrial Biotechnologies, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Geology and Geological Engineering and in the five master's studies specialisations. The Faculty is organized into four departments (Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Taxonomy and Ecology, Department of Geology and Department of the Hungarian Line) and two Doctoral schools (Integrative Biology and Geology).
In the faculty there is a Hungarian line of study with the specialisations: Biology, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Geology (undergraduate level) and two master's specialisations.

  • Address: Str. 44 Gheorghe Bilaşcu Street, RO-400015, Cluj-Napoca
  • Tel.: +40 264 431858
  • E-mail: bioge@ubbcluj.ro
  • Web: biogeo.ubbcluj.ro/


Biology Field

  1. Specialisation Molecular Biotechnology (in Romanian) - full time
  2. Specialisation Systemic Ecology and Conservation (in Romanian) - full time
  3. Specialisation Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology (in Hungarian) - full time
  4. Specialisation Medical Biology (in Romanian) - full time
  5. Specialisation Medical Biology (in Hungarian) - full time

Geology Field

  1. Specialisation Applied Geology (in Romanian) - full time

Selection criteria (for specialisations 1-6):

  • Graduation exam score - 50%
  • Interview score - 50%

Biology Field

  1. Specialisation Nutritional Sciences (in Romanian) - part time
  2. Specialisation Quality Management in Biomedical Laboratories (in Romanian) - part time

Selection criteria (for specialisations 7,8):

  • Graduation exam score - 100%

Admission fee for Romanian citizens, European Union Citizens, European Economic Area citizens and Swiss Confederation citizens for the 2022 / 2023 academic year

EU: European Union; EEA: European Economic Area; SC: Swiss Confederation;

  • For tax reductions or waivers, please see our Admissions Regulations

MASTER'S LEVEL - Admission Process

Specialisation / Field

Master's Level (lei)

Full time Part time
All specialisations.. 50 50

MASTER'S LEVEL - Admission registration

Specialisation / Field

Master's Level (lei)

Full time Part time
All specialisations. 70 70