Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology


The mission of the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology is focused on:

  • promoting education and research in the field of theology, ecclesial segment and socio-charitable sector, in line with the demands of a knowledge-based society through initial training, continuing education and integration in the circuit of academic and ecclesial values.
  • ensuring a level of interference between society and the church.
  • contribution to the religious formation, development of educational, ecclesiastical, social and charitable structures through involvement with the reality of the world, in line with the community needs.

  • Address: 5 Iuliu Maniu St., RO-400095, Cluj-Napoca
  • Tel.: +40 264-590715
  • Tel.: +40 264 405300, int. 5345
  • Fax: +40 264 430688
  • E-mail: rocateo@ubbcluj.ro
  • Web: rocateo.ubbcluj.ro


Theology Field

  1. Specialisation: DIDACTIC ROMAN-CATHOLIC THEOLOGY (3 years, full time) in Hungarian
  2. Specialisation: PASTORAL ROMAN-CATHOLIC THEOLOGY in Alba Iulia (4 years, full time) in Hungarian
Selection criteria for all specialisations
  • The baccalaureate score - calculated as 50% of the admission score
  • Test - calculated as 50% of the final score

Upon registration candidates will sit for the test.