Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering

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It is one of the most modern and dynamic faculties of the Babes-Bolyai University and it provides training in environmental matters - at undergraduate, master's and doctoral level - in the newest, most attractive and most sought specialisations - Environmental Science (in Romanian and Hungarian), Environmental Engineering, Engineering of Biotechnical and Ecological Systems (undergraduate); Risk Assessment and Environment Safety, Environment Management and Protection, Engineering for Waste Valorisation and Sustainable Development and Environmental Management.
Over the years, the faculty has continuously developed and adapted its priorities promoted in educational policies and environmental strategies, while seeking to respond to ever increasing and demanding requests from the labour market.

  • Address: 30 Fantanele Street, RO-400294, Cluj-Napoca
  • Tel.: +40 264 307030
  • E-mail: enviro@ubbcluj.ro
  • Web: enviro.ubbcluj.ro



Environmental Science Field

1 Specialisation ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE - 3 years, full time - in Romanian and Hungarian
2 Specialisation ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE in Sfântu Gheorghe- 3 years, full time - in Hungarian
3 Specialisation ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND AUDIT- 3 years, full time - in Romanian

Environmental Engineering Field

4 Specialisation ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING  - 4 years, full time - in Romanian


Selection criteria for all specialisations

  • Baccalaureate score (worth 100% of the admission score).
  • For the candidates who participated in the “Marcian Bleahu” competition, the grade obtained in the competition is worth 70% of the final admission score, and the baccalaureate exam score is worth 30%.
  • The final admission score for applicants who have received awards or special prizes at recognized international and national school Olympiads will be 10 (ten), based on the supporting documentation.

Admission fee for Romanian citizens, European Union Citizens, European Economic Area citizens and Swiss Confederation citizens for the 2022 / 2023 academic year

EU: European Union; EEA: European Economic Area; SC: Swiss Confederation;

  • For tax reductions or waivers, please see our Admissions Regulations


Specialisation / Field Undergraduate level (lei)
Full time Distance Learning
All specialisations.
50 -

UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL - Admission registration

Specialisation / Field Undergraduate level (lei)
Full time Distance Learning
All specialisations. 90 -

Tuition fees for the academic year 2022 / 2023 for Romanian, EU¹, EEA² and SC³ citizens.


Specialisation / Field

Undergraduate level (lei)

Full time

Distance Learning

All specialisations