Specialisations offered by faculties

Choose your faculty and find information about the admission period, specialisations offered by the faculty, bibliography and thematic.

Note: For information regarding bibliography, specific criteria and tie-breaking criteria visit the faculty website.


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

 Faculty of Physics
 Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
 Faculty of Biology and Geology
 Faculty of Geography
 Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering
 Faculty of Law
 Faculty of Letters
  Faculty of History and Philosophy
 Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
 Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
 Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration
 Faculty of European Studies
 Faculty of Business
 Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences 
 Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
 Faculty of Orthodox Theology
 Faculty of Greek-Catholic Theology
 Faculty of Reformed Theology
 Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology
 Faculty of Theatre and Television

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