Faculty of Physical Education and Sport


The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport was founded in 1960 within the Pedagogical Institute.
Since 1998, the faculty offer expanded by opening the Kinesiotherapy specialisation. The activity for this specialisation is provided by teachers of the faculty, whereas for a number of specific disciplines we are helped by specialists from the Hospital of Rehabilitation and Neurology in our city which have the status of associates.
In order to support the high performance athletes, part-time and distance learning programmes were created for the Physical Education and Sport specialisation, besides the full time programme.
Among more or less recent FEFS graduates, there are many prominent figures in the field of sport, of which we mention: Bella Karoly (former coach of the Olympic gymnastics team), Simion Schobel (coach of the Germany handball team, former world champion), Ioanis Tikos and Costas Saganis (coaches of the representative junior basketball teams of Greece), Adelinho Jorge Suares (coach of the youth basketball team of Portugal), Gabriela Szabo (athletics Olympic and world champion), Ionela Tarlea (world champion in athletics), Maria Cioncan (medalist at the Olympic athletics), Simona Richter, Ioana Dinea, Laura Moise (medals in the Olympic and European championships in judo), athletes Nicoleta Grasu, Iloc Cristina, Mihaela Botezan.
UBB graduates of FEFS are recognized by specialized European and world forums, with the possibility of insignificant difference examinations. This recognition proves the compatibility of the faculty curriculum with similar structures worldwide.

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Physical Education and Sport Field

  1. Specialisation PHYSICAL AND SPORTS EDUCATION (3 years, full time) in Romanian, Hungarian and (part-time learning, 3 years) in Romanian; 
  2. Specialisation PHYSICAL AND SPORTS EDUCATION in BISTRIŢA(3 years, full time) in Romanian;
  3. Specialisation SPORT AND MOTOR PERFORMANCE (3 years, full time) in Romanian and Hungarian

Kinesiotherapy Field

  1. Specialisation KINESIOTHERAPY AND SPECIAL MOTILITY (3 years, full time) in Romanian and Hungarian
Selection criteria for Physical and Sports Education, Sport and Motor Performance specialisations:
  • The evaluation framework for assessing motor skills calculated as 100% of the admission score
  • Specific criteria can be found at http://sport.ubbcluj.ro
Selection criteria for Kinesiotherapy and Special Motility specialisation:
  • The evaluation framework for assessing motor skills marked as Approved/Rejected (Eliminatory test)
  • Multiple choice test type written exam in Biology, 11th Grade, authors: Ionel Roșu, Călin Istrate, Aurel Ardelean, Corint, chapters: Anatomical planes and relations; Nervous system; Kinaesthetic analyser; Motion; Circulatory system; Respiratory system. The textbook is required for the Romanian language.

    For the Hungarian language the following textbook is required: XI. Oszt. Biológia tankönyv, szerző: Ariniș Ioana, Kolozsvár, Ábel kiadó (2007), Fejezetek: Az emberi test felépitése, Az idegrendszer, Az analizátorok, A mozgás, A keringés, A légzés.  

  • The written exam/ Biology test represents 100% of the admission score. 

Admission fee for Romanian citizens, European Union Citizens , European Economic Area citizens , and Swiss Confederation citizens . for the academic year

EU: European Union; EEA: European Economic Area; SC: Swiss Confederation;

  • For tax reductions or waivers, please see our Admissions Regulations


Specialisation / Field Undergraduate level (lei)
Full time Distance Learning
All specialisations.
50 50

UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL - Admission registration

Specialisation / Field Undergraduate level (lei)
Full time Distance Learning
All specialisations. 200 200