Faculty of Business


The Faculty of Business offers students two undergraduate programmes both in Romanian and English: Business Administration and Business Administration in Hospitality Services and four master's programmes: Business Administration, International Business Administration, Hotel Management and Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism.
All faculty programmes are designed with a unique and innovative learning approach that proved to be successful in preparing businessmen with developed entrepreneurial skills and with the ability to compete at a high level of performance in a business environment under the pressure of rapid change.

  • Address: 7 Horea Street, RO-400174, Cluj-Napoca
  • Tel.: +40 264 599170
  • Fax: +40 264 590110
  • E-mail: tbs@tbs.ubbcluj.ro
  • Web: tbs.ubbcluj.ro


Field: Business Administration

  1. Specialisation: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (3 years, full time) in Romanian and English and distance learning, 3 years, in Romanian
  2. Specialisation: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in BISTRIȚA (3 years, full time) in Romanian
  3. Specialisation: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN HOSPITALITY SERVICES (3 years, full time) in Romanian and English and distance learning, 3 years, in Romanian
Selection criteria:
  • Candidates who opt for specialisations in Romanian will submit an essay written in Romanian, assessed on Pass/Fail basis.
  • Candidates opting for specialisations in English will submit an English language essay, assessed on a Pass/Fail basis.

How to calculate the admission score:

  • 100% baccalaureate score for candidates who:
    • did not participate in the Knowledge Competition
    • do not want the score they received at competition to be taken into account

For participants in the Knowledge Quiz (Mathematics or Economics):

  • 100% grade of the knowledge competition only if the grade is at least 9.00.
  • 70% of the baccalaureate exam score + 30% of the knowledge competition score if the knowledge test score is at least 6.00.

For participants in the 'Doing Business in Romania' competition, the admission score is calculated as follows:

  • Baccalaureate score + 0.25 points if the candidate's grade ranges between 9.00-10.00
  • Baccalaureate score + 0.15 points if the candidate's grade ranges between 8.00-9.00
  • Baccalaureate score + 0.10 points if the candidate's grade ranges between 7.00-8.00
  • The knowledge test competition will take place on April 13, 2019 at the faculty, the candidates will choose a test in Economics or Mathematics. The Faculty will post on its website the required bibliography for the competition.
  • Candidates who wish to register for the knowledge test competition can participate in the training programme, organized on April 6, 2019 at the Faculty of Business, 7 Horea Street.
  • The calendar will be posted at: www.tbs.ubbcluj.ro